Rollback and $undowork

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Wed Jul 13 01:54:14 UTC 2022

Hi Das,

If you're using transactions in SQL, then you need to do a $commit at the end to commit the changes, or $rollback to undo the changes.  There is no $undowork().

By default I think transactions are automatic ie each individual update is committed automatically.

Therefore you need to turn off automatic transactions before you start (calculate session.$transactionmode as kSessionTranManual), have a "do session.$begin()", then "do list.$dowork()" then either "do session.$commit()" or "do session.$rollback()" at the end to either accept or reject the changes. (where session = the session object you're using, and list is the list defined from a table or schema class)

We don't use transactions, but if we did it would look something like that.

Hope this helps.


> On 13 Jul 2022, at 6:26 am, Das Goravani <goravanis at> wrote:
> Dear List,
> I can’t figure this out and nowhere is this covered… 
> If you have a SQL Transaction going, and you are some ways through it, and you have done a $dowork command on a certain list, and you have to rollback, do you ALSO issue $undowork?
> Said another way, if you $dowork in a transaction, and you rollback, do you need to do $undowork?
> Thanks,
> Das Goravani
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