AW: O$817 Win10 Printer Issue

Rudolf Bargholz rudolf at
Mon Jul 11 09:42:45 UTC 2022

Hi Phil,

Perhaps you are missing an "End print" somewhere in your code. Some reports do not need this, others do, depending on how you program the reports. But this is just a shameless guess on my part.



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I checked the code, and there is no use of a Begin print job...

So thanks for the thoughts, but in this case it seems it is not the issue.

Although what you are saying is, it is the code for that error?

I guess internally it would still do that process, even for a single print, and whatever that is, is having an issue?

Phil Potter
Based in Chester in the UK.

> Hi Phil,
> We too, like Simon, see this when a print job has been started with "Begin print job" but has not been ended with an "End print job", for whatever reason.
> You could try to issue an "End print job" prophylactically before starting a print process to see if this alleviates your problem. You would, in this case, need to override the E101288 error message using an error handler:
> Load error handler cErrorHandler/continueExecution (101288,101288) End 
> print job
> continueExecution:
> SEA continue execution
> Quit method kTrue
> If this resolves your issue, then you know that your issue has to do with the "Begin print job" .
> Regards
> Rudolf Bargholz

> Hi,
> I got that message yesterday when I started a print job and then went 
> on to select the destination.
> Cheers
> Simon

On 08/07/2022 14:49, Phil (OmnisList) wrote:
> Hi,
> Anyone seen this issue before:
> "Cannot set report destination while a print job is in progress"
> with a code of 101293
> Do you know what is the problem?
> Have a user getting this, occasionally...
> --
> regards
> Phil Potter
> Based in Chester in the UK.
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