Processing Credit Card Payments

Das Goravani goravanis at
Sat Jul 2 19:56:20 UTC 2022

When approaching businesses needs online, we often find that the business needs to accept credit card payments and often online.

For my own accepting of credit cards for payments for my past product I used a 3rd party web plug in that provides the window where they enter their details, gives them the PayPal option too, and this window forks to using either STRIPE or PAYPAL to process the payment, which then just goes into my bank account. So I have been shielded from writing something like an API call to some payment processor.. I have never done it.

Is there a business, a vendor, who handles credit card payment processing that you can call from Omnis code and handle everything?

How are you providing credit card processing to your coding clients for their needs?

I am using the Javascript Client, remote forms.. am asking in that context.. I am thinking that todays businesses would often like to have a web page online where their customers can pay their bills. This would involve signing in and then giving the payment details, would have to process them, return a FLAG as to whether it went through or not. 

Thank you

Das Goravani

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