Replace conditional statement with Polymorphism

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Sat Jul 2 17:32:42 UTC 2022

H Martin,

object oriented programming requires a complete mind shift from procedural (Omnis Classic) programming.   More than that, it is a multidimensional or rather multi layered mind shift.  This transition took me about 18 months to get some 20 years ago.  I am sure you are somewhere along the curve yourself but I/we cannot tell how far.

My suggestion is that you focus on a class / subclass hierarchy to address, or at least partially address your challenge.  The solution will most likely be a combination of the two methods.

Are your conditional statements implementing change in behaviour, change in business logic, change in presentation or change on … whatever?

To answer your question properly requires a good understanding of your code base which you have and we don’t, so Its difficult to answer your questions succinctly.

Other may chip in with a more academic response.


> On 1 Jul 2022, at 20:45, Martin Obongita via omnisdev-en <omnisdev-en at> wrote:
> Hi Listers,
> I have an academic question about object-oriented programming.How is "polymorphism" implemented in Omnis Studio?
> I have many conditional statements in my code: if...else if, that keeps breaking whenever I make a change in a related method elsewhere.Is there a sample library in the HUB which best described how to work with code that can take many forms?
> Kind regards,Martin O.
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