Postgres says my password is invalid

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That’s great but do not forget to also edit the postgresql.conf file (for the change as per earlier email) as well as pg_hba.conf otherwise I don’t think it will work externally…..

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On Jan 30, 2022, 1:43 PM -0500, Das Goravani <goravanis at>, wrote:
> What do you know?
> I reinstalled, and although it gave that error
> “Failed to load SQL modules into the database cluster”
> Upon rebooting and using pgAdmin it now let me into “PostgreSQL 14”
> I think I can now create a user and a database.
> I am on the dashboard and the graphs are going by as if things are running again.
> This is how it was on my first install. Things seem to be working now.
> I will create a user, and then a database, and then edit hba to allow connections from my network, and try to log on.
> If that all goes well, then I will try again to import that cities file, which is where I was when things stopped working.
> For now it appears things are running.
> Yay.
> Das
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