Postgres says my password is invalid

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Sun Jan 30 18:07:26 UTC 2022

Yes they are the same file - and yes it would indicate only one installation - so try :

sudo nano /Library/PostgreSQL/14/data/postgresql.conf

That will start the nano application (a text editor) opening that file which will then let you see exactly which port it is starting with….

Use the up and down arrows to move up and down the file (and left and right to go into lines), and then Ctrl+X to exit

In the CONNECTIONS AND AUTHENTICATION section you will see a line that starts

#listen_address =

You need to remove the ‘#’ at the start (use the right arrow to go to the ‘l’ and then use the delete button to remove the ‘#’) and set that to

listen_addresses = ‘*'

That will ensure that (in addition to the changes you made in the pg_hba.conf file) the database will listen to external addreses

And just under there is the ‘port’ line - if that line is still commented (starts with ‘#’) then it will work as 5432

Once you have made any changes then use Ctrl and X together which will prompt to save the file - and provided you had used sudo to invoke the edit it will allow you to save your changes…...

These are basic edits that I always do as soon as I have done a Postgres installation !

There are a bunch of other tweaks you can do here (I am sure Doug E will have things to offer here !!) but none of them affect the basic operation you are trying to achieve here

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On Jan 30, 2022, 12:51 PM -0500, Das Goravani <goravanis at>, wrote:
> Ok I did that, sudo find / -name postgresql.conf, and it found 2 seemingly
> It found one at
> /Library/PostgreSQL/14/data/postgresql.conf
> Which is the one I expect to be there.
> It also found:
> /System/Volumes/Data/Library/PostgreSQL/14/data/postgresql.conf
> Which I have a feeling is the SAME ONE but under a different name is all.
> If I’m not mistaken, System/Volumes/Data is just another name for your hard drive, it’s the name under Volumes..
> I have a feeling if I delete or uninstall Postgres that both of these will go away.
> After it lists these two near the top the find command in terminal just continues to endlessly list locations and says “Operation not permitted” as it tries to find more.
> What do you think about these two being the same installation actually?
> I think so.
> I think therefore that I only have ONE installation of Postgres on my server.
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