Postgres says my password is invalid

Das Goravani goravanis at
Sun Jan 30 17:27:07 UTC 2022

With Alex’s recommendation on how to log in as the Postgres user in Terminal, I was able to do that, and access pg_ctl. 

However I was not able to stop or start the Postgres service because of parameters the commands require.

Here is from —help on pg_ctl:

  pg_ctl start      [-D DATADIR] [-l FILENAME] [-W] [-t SECS] [-s]
                    [-o OPTIONS] [-p PATH] [-c]
  pg_ctl stop       [-D DATADIR] [-m SHUTDOWN-MODE] [-W] [-t SECS] [-s]

I don’t understand what it is saying, or asking for.

I would need an example, of what to type, for those parameters. 

If I just want to stop and then start Postgres, and have not yet been able to make a database, so as for DATADIR I am only on what the EDB installer installs at first, I am on those defaults, and I don’t know what the above is asking for to be typed. 

An example or directly “what to type” would be nice, appreciated, if anybody knows it. 

I just want to stop it and start it at will… that would be good. So I don’t have to reboot to start it up. Not even sure if it is starting up, due to the error Im getting about “can’t connect to localhost”. 

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