Studio beginners question ... setting up the data structure

Jim Creak jim at
Fri Jan 28 02:50:14 UTC 2022

I’m starting out with Studio, and so might be asking a number of easy questions for you :)

My current block is to do with creating the data structure from my list of files, and the follow up question will be how to update a data structure if I make changes to the Files.

Coming from the classic background I could do all this very easily, but my mind isn’t working with how to connect the files with the data source.  Ideally this can all be done via programming so that when the library gets connected to any data source it will be able to connect and update, after checking with the user, as required.

Just to clarify I’m not asking how to connect to the data source, I’m asking how do I update the tables within the data source with my local table definitions.


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