Syntax for Postgres command

Das Goravani goravanis at
Thu Jan 27 17:07:25 UTC 2022

Do tStatObjPG.$execdirect("COPY fcCities ( cityname, city_count_num, city_cntry_num, long_deg, long_min, lat_deg, lat_min, long_we, lat_ns, city_rsn, city_state, ctime_zone, long_sec, lat_sec, city_acs_zone, city_acs_type, city_new, zone_we, city_ascii, city_alternate, city_latnum, city_Longnum, city_state_name, city_timezone_name, city_country_name, city_state_code, city_country_digits, city_acs, city_population )  FROM  '/Users/server/Desktop/JS5Dev/Cities.txt'  WITH  FORMAT 'csv', DELIMITER ',' “)

I tried the above command and it did nothing. It stepped right through it.

The file has 1.7 million city records in it. So it should take at least some time to execute. 

I am attempting to import the records into a Postgres database. 

I test and the statement object is good.

I am connected to localhost Postgres. I get a session object under the SQL Browser so I know I am connected.

I have made the table in question.

What could possibly be the reason for it just stepping through it without doing anything?

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