Logging on with my Public IP address?

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 16:44:42 UTC 2022

I use the NO-IP service for IP address. I do not have a fixed IP.

I can log onto my PG database from a local computer on my home network where my server is using

Which is my servers current local address.

But when I use my public IP address of then I cannot log onto my PG database. 

Why is that?

I want to be able to present the ability for others around the country to log onto my server’s PG database for a demo I am making. 

So I want to use my public IP address for logging on I believe.. right? Isn’t that right?

When I try to run the following code, it takes a long pause on the $logon line.. and returns flag false

This is my logon code:

Calculate iUserName as $ctask.tUserRow.rep_username
Calculate iUserPassword as $ctask.tUserRow.rep_password

Do $ctask.tSessObjPG.$logoff()
Do $root.$sessions.PGSESSION.$logoff()

Do tSessObjPG.$port.$assign(5432)
Do tSessObjPG.$database.$assign('DasPGDB')
Do tSessObjPG.$hostname.$assign('')
Do tSessObjPG.$logon('',iUserName,iUserPassword,'PGSESSION') Returns #F
If flag true
Do tSessObjPG.$newstatement('StatObjPG') Returns tStatObjPG
Do $ctask.tStatObjPG.$maxresultsetsize.$assign(2,147,483,647)
Calculate tSessObjPGRef as $extobjects.PGSQLDAM.$objects.PGSQLSESS.$newref()
Calculate $ctask.tStatObjPGRef as $ctask.tSessObjPG.$newstatementref()
End If
Quit method #F

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