IP address for Wider Use?

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Sun Jan 23 22:43:52 UTC 2022

Hello $all,

I have setup a Postgres database and am connected into it.

It currently is accepting connections from 192.168 only.

I take it that 192.168 refers only to one’s local network.

How do you configure pg_hba.config to allow connections from anywhere?

Because I want this database to be a part of an online demo I make of Omnis’s capabilities.

To show what I can do. 

I want people from anywhere to be able to access it and use it. 

And I wonder, what is the IP address of my server in that regard.. I currently am logging into, which I think is a local only type address. 

So I’m confused about "the wider address" of my server and how to allow connections from a wider audience.

That’s it. 


Das Goravani

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