New Postgres Install and the SQL Browser

Das Goravani goravanis at
Sun Jan 23 01:02:25 UTC 2022

There’s the "SQL Browser" node on the left hand tree of the browser in Studio IDE

Under that appears your logged on sessions

But they don’t seem to always appear

In my astrology app they do not generally appear, unless I log off them then back on

Now with this Postgres install I’ve done, I think I have everything the way it’s supposed to be

My config files are edited, PG is running on the server

I’m doing the log on sequence of commands as shown in the archives of this list.. 

I’m getting Flag True returned by that command

But it’s not appearing underneath Sql Browser in the IDE Browser

So I’m not sure if I’m actually connecting

Is it possible I need to create a new database in Postgres?

I read in the manual about a default cluster, and the installer said something about default cluster as well.. Initializing database.. and I read about a default starter database which acts as a template for all future ones.. not to use that one for your work… is it not appearing under SQL Browser because Postgres doesn’t yet have a database defined that I can use with Omnis? 

Realize I could try to create a table and see if it creates, put in a few fields, then ask for a list of columns and see if they come back… 

Or maybe there’s a simpler slicker way to test if you’re connected to an empty Postgres database

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