Postgres First Logon Questions

Das Goravani goravanis at
Sat Jan 22 20:53:47 UTC 2022

I found this in the archives, for logging onto Postgres:

Do tsk_SessObj.$port.$assign(port) 
Do tsk_SessObj.$database.$assign(DBName) 
Do tsk_SessObj.$hostname.$assign(HostIPaddress) 
Do tsk_SessObj.$logon(HostIPaddress,UserName,Password) Returns #F 

I have just the super user entered at this point, and I know the password I gave.

But what is the UserName of the super user?
What is the DBName of the database?

Does my server need to be logged in under the Postgres user account to work?

This is a Mac Server.

By the way EDB makes the Mac installer, and it asks you for the super user password, it asks you (and suggests defaults) for the location of Postgres and it’s data.. it seems to initialize the default cluster too.. it seems to do everything that I have seen in the docs for initial setup. 

I am now ready to see if I can login to this installation.

If I can just logon now, which I suspect I can, then I would say installing Postgres on a Mac Server is brain dead easy.

It was just a matter of running their installer. 

Thanks in advance,


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