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Das Goravani goravanis at
Tue Jan 18 19:11:11 UTC 2022

Hello $all,

I am at the point where I will soon need to get one or more new clients to do Omnis work for. 

The world has changed so in terms of the virtualization of life to a great degree in the past decades. 

I wonder how it is now: How do small or medium sized businesses find a programmer/Database consultant these days?

Is LinkedIn one way they do it?

Where might I advertise so as to get local or remote clients?

Is walking around offices distributing a flyer still one way to go? 

Conversely, I am available.

I’ve been working in single user, desktop only, for many years. 

I have made a couple remote forms that are operating on the web at this time. I have my own App Server / Mac mini Server at home.

I know Omnis pretty well. 

I converted my single user App of 28 years to SQLite over a year ago. It is working out well. 

So I am familiar with the basics of doing SQL in Omnis. I mostly use the $select $update $insert $delete commands, but have used ExecDirect quite a bit too. 

The kinds of Omnis jobs I have seen posted a few times on this list have more technical requirements along with them.. things I am not familiar with yet. However, I do find that all these things just take some study and trying, and then you get it, in Omnis.. for example I did not know REST usage.. never touched it.. but once I was shown an example and played with it I got it.. it’s not that hard.. that’s how I find all these things to be.. at first they look daunting but with an example and playing with it they become demystified pretty quickly. 

So I do not know many advanced technical aspects of Omnis.. in fact I have never programmed it for accessing a remote database.. the only multi user OMNIS I ever set up and programmed for was Macintosh where you mounted the server drive on the desktops. That I touched quite a bit in the late eighties. Multi user Macintosh networks and Omnis apps for business. 

But Omnis, how it works, I know. I do plenty of notation. I get remote forms. I have basic SQL knowledge and Omnis’s way of working with SQL databases. I have only worked with SQLite so far but database chosen does not that much affect how you write SQL.. some, but not all. 

I’m otherwise thinking along the lines of getting small or medium sized clients to work for. That pays well. I did it in the late eighties. Things were much simpler then, but I have touched enough of the modern to not be afraid of any of it.

One thing in life I’ve found true for me is that if somebody else has done something (in Omnis for example) then I find that I too can do it. So I’m not afraid of any computing things… I have feared many things and found them easy once I really tried to learn them. 

dasgoravani at

Das Goravani

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