Connecting to Database when it's remote

Das Goravani goravanis at
Tue Jan 18 18:06:55 UTC 2022

Dear $all,

I have a basic question (for many of you).

I have been dealing exclusively with single user for many years. When I last touched multi user it was where you have a server in the office with the users on desktops and you mounted the drive that the database was on. Things have changed.

Please answer the following if possible:

1. When the database (SQL) is on a server that is remote to the user desktops, like it’s on an Amazon or other VPS, how do you access the database?  With what command do you initiate and maintain contact with it?  Please answer for desktop based Omnis app.  

When it comes the App Server, Remote form, solution setup, I know how that is done.. through an URL that launches your first form and the app server would have the data with it, as per my thinking. If the database was NOT with the app server, then I would not know how to connect to the data same as with desktop solution I don’t know currently.

I would imagine IP address plays a part.. but I don’t know the command in OMnis you would use to establish connection.. and does it stay connected?

Thank you in advance

Das Goravani

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