Report parameters

Kelly Burgess kellyb at
Wed Jan 12 01:01:07 UTC 2022

Hi Martin,

I'd like to send you some screenshots off-list, but I'm afraid you haven't been getting previous messages I've sent to your yahoo account, because yahoo sometimes sends my messages to spam.  Please check your spam trap and white-list me if you find old messages from me there.

>Are you referring to the $print method of the detailed section in the report class?  

Yes.  If you double-click the Record section in design mode, it opens an editor for the $print method for that section.  That's where you'd add code.  With no code it automatically does Default.  With code, you can conditionally Do default, and if you don't, the section won't print.

>The other question is how to format the report class based upon the sort fields such as field names, descending, upper case, subtotals and new page.    I wish to sort the report sort fields programmatically.

The docs say "The sort fields for a report class are stored in the $sorts group for the class. You can modify the contents of this group at runtime using the notation, to change the sort fields for the report, but if you want the changes to take effect this must be done in the $construct() method of the report before the report instance is created. If you have more than one instance of a report class, each instance will have the sort fields specified in the class, but you can modify the $sorts group for a particular instance if you wish to change its sort fields."

So $clib.$reports.myReport.$sorts.1.$dataname is the name of the first sort field.  $descending, $upper, $subtotals, $newpage, $newpageinterval, etc. give you the other properties -- when you type in ..$sorts.1.$  the pop-up help will show you the rest of the sort field properties.


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