Report parameters

Martin Obongita martin.obongita at
Mon Jan 10 12:09:46 UTC 2022

Hi @Omnis Funs,Happy to be back to Omnis coding.*/
I have a method in a js form to print a report from a list to a pdf browser, thus;*/$printReport
Calculate lReportDest as $cdevice.$ident

Calculate $cdevice as kDevOmnisPDF

Do Omnis PDF Device.$settemp(kTrue,1) Returns lID
Do Omnis PDF Device.$setdocinfo($clib().$name,"Print Report",iTableClassdesc," List")Set report name rRecordListPrint report * (iReportTitle,iDataList,iTableClassname)*/The user should enter: */1) The number of copies to print.*/So I pass a value(2) to the prefs command this way:Do $prefs.$copies.$assign(iNumcopies)
2) Specify whether to print each record per page or not.*/So I have a boolean intance for print each record per page.3) The copy report should have a different $backpicture from the original report
How do I implement these parameters in my print method?
This does not 


It is a delight to read your comments again.*/

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