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hi Mischa

we use two variants of it a fair bit.

for colour changes in text.   the colours are generally the constants kred, kdarkred, kblack, kmagenta, kwhite etc. but I think you can define any colours using one of the colour functions

I find that the 16 primary colour constants are enough to give distinction and using many shades of red (for example) …. don’t do anything to make much difference --


the other is icons.  eg. kEscBmp


the constant k16x16 can be k32x32 and k48x84 and means the size of the icon

the 10725 in an icon number from the built in omnis icons, of if you have defined any in #ICONS, you can access those too.

there may be other kEsc xxxx options thet you can use like italic, underline, bold etc.      in the editor, use kEsc and it will give you more examples.

where can it be used.  

WE put it in a char variable in the first line of a headed list to colour the entire line

also use it in $helptext at the bottom of the window to show totals of selected records .  eg

calc $cinst.$helptext as con(’ total credits ',style(kEscColor,kBlue),jst(iList.$totc(,style(kEscColor,kblack), ’total debits ..’etc)

makes things stick out

it doesn’t work in all text display fields (I wish it did).    it may work in background objects

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> On February 27, 2022, at 8:59 AM, Mischa <mischa at> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I want to partially change the font and the font size within a kText bobj .
> I noticed there is an esc constant EscStyle, however the manual does not give a clue how to use it - obviously 2 additional parameters are accepted in the style() statement. Does anybody maybe know how to use style(EscStyle,?,?) and if it is possible to change the font for some parts of the text?
> Thanks a lot!
> Mischa
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