Apache caught SIGTERM?

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 16:13:15 UTC 2022

> On Feb 27, 2022, at 4:18 AM, Graham Stevens <graham.stevens at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Das,
> Had you updated your system software before the reboot?  I had a problem very similar to this some time ago after an update when the default Apache was starting up before my preferred install.  You can use the Activity Monitor to see which “httpd” is actually running and then disable it.

Now when I do LSOF -I :80 to see what is running on port 80 I have a results list that contains about 8 “httpd” entries.. but when I go to Activity Monitor to look them up there are NONE listed.. no Apache, no HTTPD entries. TeamViewer was listening on port 443, I killed that, and tried, but no go.

Apache still says “something is using either 80 or 443 cannot start”…

I did not update my system recently. I have the server set on “Do not update the system software”. 

Someone needs to explain the large amount of httpd entries listening on port 80.. that has to be explained as normal or something.. because they are not reflected in Activity Monitor. 

When I kill the httpd entries in LSOF then immediately more are created with different PID’s… immediately. There’s always two at least. 

All along as I try things I also try to start my Apache and it always says something is using either 80 or 443 and then it says it cannot start. 

It is not making any entries in it’s log file since the one that says it caught SIGTERM

I’m so frustrated and confused.. I didn’t do anything to warrant this type of activity.. 

HTTPD entries in LSOF but not in activity monitor, confusing

HTTPD entries that automatically regenerate upon being killed, confusing

Why this happened, confusing

I don’t do well while such types of questions and situations are open and rudely behaving, while my main site is down, disturbing. 

Its as if something put a systemd job to work restoring multiple copies of apache if they do down.. systemd can do that… well it can restore an app that goes down.. like when I killed the processes and new ones just reappeared to take the kill’s place

> Best,
> Graham
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