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Hi Das,

In most web browsers, you can show developer tools.  For example in Safari or Google Chrome you can show the developer tools.  There's a section that shows errors encountered such as images not loading.  If you look at the URL of the image that it's trying to download, you will most likely find that the location isn't quite right.

For example, the URL in the code below "images/applets/welcome_holidays1.png" is a relative address, and it means that there should be an images folder at the top level of your web server html folder, and inside that applets and inside the image.  If you go to your browser and enter the address as eg <server name>/images/applets/welcome_holidays1.png and you don't see an image, then the problem is the location of the folder.

Hope this helps!


> On 25 Feb 2022, at 5:52 am, Das Goravani <goravanis at> wrote:
> Hello,
> The HTML folder of the development copy of Omnis 10.2 has an "applets" folder inside the "images" folder. It contains png’s. 
> The "Native List" demo by Omnis uses these images one per line, 
> Do iSubList.$define(iTextCol1,iTextCol2,iAccessoryType,iAccessoryContent,iAccessoryValueCol,iImagePath)
> Do iSubList.$add('Button','kJSNativeListAccessoryTypeButton',kJSNativeListAccessoryTypeButton,'My Button',,'images/applets/welcome_holidays1.png')
> You can see the URL as the last parameter added to the list. 
> In development mode these images show up on the remote form demo where they should.
> But when I deploy that demo as part of my own demo on the App Server the images disappear. 
> I have copied the applets folder of images over to my server both in the HTML documents folder and in the file tree for the app server installation.. I put them in both places. 
> I made sure they had root ownership and plenty of privileges. 
> They still don’t show. 
> Any ideas why they don’t show?
> I rebooted too. 
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