Linux way to start up Omnis?

Das Goravani goravanis at
Tue Feb 22 15:38:48 UTC 2022

Hello $all,

What are the ways in Linux to issue some commands on Startup?

I have to issue three commands to launch Omnis App Server, I want to put them into something that will happen on Startup of the server so that Omnis is always running.

There is the "systemd" startup Service.

I am having trouble putting the commands into it. It gives the error "Bad unit file name".

These are the commands to be run:

cd /home/das/omnis-headless-app-server-10.2-31315
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH='/home/das/omnis-headless-app-server-10.2-31315'

The first one is just change directory. This one could be omitted perhaps if a full path was put on the third command.
The second line is needed. It sets the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable which needs to be done for Omnis to work.
The third line just launches Omnis. 

It may be the second line that is messing up "systemd" functioning properly. 

Are there any other ways to issue these commands on startup?

Like could I put them in a batch file a script file and run that from systemd ?

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