Endpoint protection

ADJob mats at adjob.se
Mon Feb 21 15:30:18 UTC 2022


> Since we use more and more the Omnis Web Server I was wondering about the need for a product like Intercept X for Server from Sophos.
> It's not only about letting a virus in, but protecting a windows server (running IIS and Omnis Server as cgi) from outside-world attacks.
> Do these advanced techniques such as Deep learning, Anti-ransomware, File integrity monitoring, Behavioral dedection) has any advantage when used on this kind of web server ?
> There is default of not default port listening on IIS for https requests, and a separate port locally for the Omnis Web Server.
> But is that secure enough ?

If you use Cloudflare in front of your application, many security issues are taking care of more or less automagically.

Cloudflare is CDN, which normally means faster sites.
It also is a proxy server that hide your IP-address.
And you can activate many other security stuff as well.


Test your security: https://www.cloudflare.com/diagnostic-center/


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