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Martin Obongita martin.obongita at
Sun Feb 20 05:22:31 UTC 2022

 Hi Kelly,The notation inspector points to:     

So, I have modified the method this way:    

Do $root.$iremoteforms.jsSubFormSuperListToolbar.$objs.toolbar.$objs.$sendall($sendallref.$itemtext.$assign(''))

But still the text items in the toolbar are displayed.    
You said aiming the sendall parameter to a single object is no different from a calculate.Which calculation could I use instead?
Regards, Martin.

    On Sunday, February 20, 2022, 07:36:06 AM GMT+3, Kelly Burgess <kellyb at> wrote:  
 Hi Martin,

> Do $cinst.$objs.toolbar.$sendall($ref.$itemtext.$assign())
> For some reason this $sendall function does not work as expected.
> This only removes text for some items but not all items

You should use the notation inspector to figure out the path to your toolbar objects.  $cinst.$objs.toolbar doesn't look right.

When I create a window and add a toobar, the path to a button on that toolbar is


$sendall needs to be aimed at a group, like $objs.  If you aim it at a single object it's no more use than a Calculate (unless it's a list, but that's a group of lines).

So if your $cinst is a window, then $cinst.$toolbars.myToolbar.$objs would be a good sendall target.

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