Headless Not So Bad

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 21:21:40 UTC 2022

So now I’ve got the Headless Linux App Server working. 

In the end, I would say that installing and configuring it was not that bad. I got help, but I did it, and I’m new to Linux. 

I’m so thrilled it’s working now. 

There’s a lot of little things you have to put in place, and some of them aren’t documented.. but with a little help from tech support it all finished up pretty easily. I just had to hang in there during the periods of time when there was no answer.. when it seemed hopeless. Just had to hang in there and wait for the answer.. which does come. 

Log files play a huge role in this, they are your friend. They tell you what’s wrong. 

So I although new to these, was able now to set these up: A VPS, Debian, Apache, PHP, Webmin, PostgreSQL, and the App Server. I was thinking this was all going to be too much for me, but no, I made it through it. I learned a lot. 

Much thanks to Mats Olsson for helping me through it all. He was very generous with me. 

Now I know how to do these things.. could do them again.. which is the idea.. to be able to do it for others down the road. 

I’m now a junior member of the "big time computing" club… :-)

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