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Wed Feb 16 14:19:01 UTC 2022

hi Michael.

I saw this at the end of you message to Jock.

way back in omnis 5 & 7 days, we tried storing lists in the database (.df1). and they inevitably got corrupted.  spent too much time working around it.     it might be fixed by now.

sounds like you are fighting that with the DML bridge (or maybe the issue is still there randomly).

so we found that convertin the list to a string and storing that … and then converting it back to a list when we read it made it that we were only storing ‘packed’ string fields.

if you are using TMobjs there are two functions that will help you with that.

listtoString and stringtolist

alternatively, kelly has some similar thing in stringjockey as far as I’m aware

its just a thought.      the minor side benefit of a list being stored as a string - you can search it in SQL if need be.

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> It is so close that I can taste it.  But each time we get one issue taken care of another one seems to pop up.  List fields saved in the data have been a particular issue that seems to keep popping up.  We are hopeful we can have the last of these issues taken care of soon.
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