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Mon Feb 14 08:58:31 UTC 2022

Maybe Rob is trying to monitor what the user is seeing when they use the ultra thin connection?


Try to mimic what the ultra thin client user does/sees by being an ultra thin user via oBrowser?

Mike Matthews

On 14 Feb 2022, at 03:41, Doug Easterbrook via omnisdev-en <omnisdev-en at<mailto:omnisdev-en at>> wrote:

hi Rob:

I’m not really following…

it sort of sounds like
1) the web server is being used to render pages.
2) you want to test some pages that are in the database
3) and you want those test pages rendered through the web server and displayed in obrowser rather than the real pages to see how they look

is that the gist of things?

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On February 13, 2022, at 4:19 PM, Rob Mostyn <mostyn at> wrote:

Hi $All,

I have a conundrum… We have an ultra thin web app which has been working well for years.
As our web app requirements have evolved and become more sophisticated, the complexity of the code has become greater.

The content of web pages is managed through a window in a fat client app (same library opened in different contexts).

What I want to do is from the window class instance to kick off a remote task that will run the desired web object and return the page content back to the window to be displayed in an oBrowser window so I can see the result.  I created a remote task, subclassed from the remote task in the web app and then I try to to this:

Do $classes.rtPageDisplayTest.$open()

When I do this I get the error message:
To use a remote form class, you must set the design task of the remote form class to a remote task

$open is not a method normally available to the remote task but when it is typed in, Omnis syntactically resolves it and applies the coda-chroming to suggest it is a legal statement.

This message does not surprise me.  I am trying to open a remote task from a regular task and I know I am “breaking the rules”.  Has anyone figured out a way to trick Omnis in doing this?

Rob Mostyn
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