http GET

Rudolf Gautschi galenus at
Fri Feb 11 18:50:47 UTC 2022

Dear all,

I'm having problems with „httpGET“ and Omnis-Studio 4.2 and/or Omnis-Studio 8.172.

I use both Omnis on a Mac. The Server is in my local Network.
I tried to connect that server and want to „GET“ Data from this server, but receive only „ERROR 400“ all the time.

Maybe i do not understand, how to build the GET Command exactly.

When i open the Terminalprogramm an enter the following string, i get return the list of „participants“

curl -kvL --resolve --location --request GET " <>" --header "X-CLIENT-ID: 1000009999“ --header "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" --header "Authorization: Basic 1234567890abcdefghijk“

How do i define this String in an GET in Omnis?
Any helpfull ideas and/or Omnis-Examples available?
Thanks a lot

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