Weird Windows Behavior

Das Goravani goravanis at
Fri Feb 11 00:10:27 UTC 2022

I’m happy.

I got Apache2.4 and PHP 8 working on my Windows Server. 

It was hard but I made it through it. 

I’m halfway through the App Server configuration too. It’s not too hard, looking forward to it working as well. 

And I figured out how they got a two sided file explorer window- it’s a third party program, not a part of Windows. 

And I added another user, and figured out how to change my password. Did that. 

Man, videos are not the way to go for complex system setups. You can’t see them unless you go to full screen, then everything else is blocked, going back and forth is a hassle, and people go too fast, do things without telling you what they’re doing, and so on. I find it much easier to work with text based instructions. 

And the web is so good for figuring out problems. At one point PHP wouldn’t load, said it couldn’t find a module, I googled the wording of the error and came right up with an answer. Google is so amazing. As Andy says to me, "Google is your friend". 

My install on Linux is stalled.. waiting for answers. Proceeding with Windows to stay busy and see if I can get it up and running. 


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