Weird Windows Behavior

Das Goravani goravanis at
Thu Feb 10 22:05:23 UTC 2022

Now I’m really stressed:

I thought maybe I should sign in again, to cure my problems.

So I signed out using the start menu, clicked on Administrator, and then "Sign Out". 

The VPS Desktop from Microsoft Remote Desktop went away.

I then clicked on the icon for this VPS in Microsoft Remote Desktop and tried to sign in again.

Using the same password that was given to me with the VPS, the password that has always worked, now it won’t work.


I am entering "Administrator" and my password, and it won’t go in, it comes back with the password window again.

Am I locked out of my VPS now? I have so much setup that I’ve done in it. Damn.

I don’t have another user created yet.

Am I locked out of this VPS now?

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