Two Linux Questions

Das Goravani goravanis at
Tue Feb 8 17:35:30 UTC 2022


Whenever I type SUDO and then a command, and this is true for root as well as the SUDO user I made, it says

sudo: unable to resolve host debian-1cpu-1gb-us-nyc1: Name or service not known

Then it goes ahead and does the command anyways.

Does this mean anything I need to worry about?


I am following a tutorial posted in GitHub by BrunoByDesign on how to install the headless server on Debian.

All is going well but I have come upon a snag.

The tutorial said this:

Download Omnis Headless 10.2 in your user folder

It also has you doing this from a SUDO user you created

The command it gives to do this is

wget <>…
I was logged in as user das who has SUDO privileges
Now the tutorial wants me to create a file inside the Omnis folder.
The question, or problem, is that I cannot find the Omnis folder.
Does anyone know WHERE the folder might have been created on the Debian server?
I did not do a CD before installing it. It says to install it in your 
user folder but I cannot find my user folder. 

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