Help Setting Up the App Server on Linux

Das Goravani goravanis at
Mon Feb 7 22:00:36 UTC 2022

> On Feb 6, 2022, at 2:25 PM, jgibson at wrote:
> We attempted to set up the Omnis Web Server on a Linux box.  It was literally the most painful thing we had ever attempted.

I am deeply affected by your statement. But today seeing that there is this article: 
I am heartened to try to do it. I read through the GitHub webpage and it’s pretty clear.
I have started a Windows server in response to your words. I am going to try to finish the Linux one though, because I like Linux so far, but so far the app server installation looks like the largest, hardest installation that I will have to deal with, as like comparing it to postgres, apache

> There are little items that if not set just right it will just never work.  We finally ended up throwing the white flag and went to a Virtual Windows Server that has been SO much easier.

I will see if I get success or stuck with the App Server Install. I had a good experience so far with the App Server on a Mac Server that I have, that was easy. I now have a virtual Windows server, that I’ll continue with if I fail on the Linux side. 

> There is just something about having the graphical UI at your disposal.  

So far I’m liking Linux, I like the command line so far. Have set up various things with it, including postgres and apache, other things. I like the power of the command line, so many powerful commands possible from one small cursor

Like take the SSH command.. lets you log into other computers as root and work from there… commands issued remotely.. awesome, from just three little letters it springs up… I find that type of reflection fascinating. 

> Specially, if you run into errors in the Omnis environment, there is no such thing as an OK message that can get displayed to a UI.  Everything gets spit to the command line or to log files.  So debugging becomes a nightmare.

I understand what you’re saying. Though it seems to me that debugging should be done elsewhere, with development copies. As debugging with a runtime like the App Server is always difficult. Yes, the Linux command line and logs are the only places that communicate back to the user and those are arduous, true. 

I myself am not familiar with Omnis’ logs and debugging features so I wouldn’t know what is possible in a headless runtime like the App Server.. or with that remote debugging feature. Don’t know these things myself. 

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