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hi Will

you can install postgres 14 beside postgres 10.    as others point out, one will have port 5432, the other will have some other port, typically 5433

on a mac, they will be installed into
/Library/PostgreSQL/10 ….   and

you can change the port of either one by changing the postgrsql.conf to be any port you want.

however, since I see you want to make sure of your data file restores before deleting the other version…. it implies to me that you want to to a quick transition.   

so I have another idea for you.

step 1: make a backup of your database. 

pg_dump -F c -v  <databasename>     > /PathToFileName.backup

Step 2: restore the database to your current postgres directory

make a new database name such as    <databasename.temp>


pg_restore -F c -v -d <databasename.temp>  < /PathToFileName.backup

if you can log in and see your data in the restored <databasename.temp>. you know the restore works

step 3: uninstall postgres 10

yes, un-install it.   This will delete the postgres binaries but it WILL NOT delete the postgres data directories.

this has the advantage, that if you want to reload postgres 10, you just reinstall it and you’ll have postgres 10 with your old data directories again.   You
‘ll likely never have to do this step ….     

we have done the above when we recovered clients from disks that have hard crashed and all we can get is the data directory recovered fir a file recovery service.  we move the ‘data’ directory to our machines, reinstall the version of postgres and … the database lives.     so, yes, we have done this in real life and it works.

step 4: install postgres 14

this gives you postgres on port 5432

step 5: restore the database to the new postgres installation

pg_restore -F c -v -d <databasename>  < /PathToFileName.backup


step 1: backup the database
step 2: restore to a new database within your old postgres and check it out
step 3: uninstall postgres 10
step 4: install postgres 14
step 5: restore the database to postgres 14

we have done this probably a 1000 times as we migrated hundred of clients from postgres 8, to 9, to 9.1, 9.2, to 9.6 to 10, to 11, to 12, to 13 to 14

it is a reliable process.

if you really don’t trust things, then an alternative is to add

step 2:
install postgres 14 on another machine
restore the database on the original machine
restore the database on postgres 14 on another machine
connect to the postgres 14 machine and make sure you see your data

in other words.. restore the backup to two machines..

then go and do the rest of the steps.

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> Following the Postgres discussion with interest - thanks to all contributors!
> We are about to upgrade all clients from PG10 to PG14,  we'd like to install PG14 side by side and fully restore to it before deleting 10, however 14 would end up with a different port number in this case. How do we change the the port of a live database so we can then switch the port number of 14 back and not have to mess with client config files?
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