Postgres is going to sleep or something...

Das Goravani goravanis at
Thu Feb 3 15:16:14 UTC 2022

So I finally figured it out, it’s “Log” without an S on it. 

Cd /Library/PostgreSQL/14/data/Log/

Then you get there.

Now that I am there, I typed    ls -la.  And got a listing of logs.

I began looking through the logs, and found that they say fairly regularly that the database system was interrupted, but it says further that it restarted OK and is ready to accept connections, but that’s not what I’m experiencing. 

Like right now, I am just getting to all this today, and it is OFF again, as it’s been many hours. 

I can’t connect, and pgAdmin is logged out as well, disconnected that is, I left it open.

So now I will start Postgres and all will be OK again. 

But something is making it shut down.

I will continue to watch it, and see when it shuts down, and look at the log file for that time and see what it says.

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