How unique PK value in Postgres?

Alex Clay aclay at
Thu Feb 3 10:43:07 UTC 2022

On Feb 2, 2022, at 11:17, Doug Easterbrook <doug at> wrote:

> for example, we have functions that determine some visible icons to display in lists.  The returning clause can look like
> returning
> getIconForPatron(CLIENT) as icon, 
> CLIENT.LastName,
> CLIENT.firstName, 
> case when BALANCE>0 then ‘owes’ end as BalanceIndicator,
> (select count(*) from emailRecord where CLIENT.client_seq=EMAIL.client_seq) as emailCount
> the ’select’ statement in the returning clause lets me join data from other tables for the rows returned.    handy, if you need it.

Mind. blown. Doug, I owe you drink!


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