Importing straight to SQL

Das Goravani goravanis at
Tue Feb 1 14:50:45 UTC 2022

I’m just so thrilled this is all working out.

I just did:

Do tStatObjPGRef.$execdirect('SELECT COUNT(*) FROM fccities')
Do tStatObjPGRef.$fetch(#L1,1)

On my remote Mac, while the server is busy importing records.

The count came up as I would expect it to be.. just over a million records at this point.

It’s so thrilling to have multi-user database going on.

I am logged in remote on this MacBookPro.. using my server’s public IP address to connect.

On the server I am logged into the database using localhost.. so that it’s work doesn’t all route through the router unnecessarily.  And it’s all working.. both computers are connected to the same postgres database, and they’re working.. it works.. what a thrill.. !!!

I know this is old hat to most of you, no big deal, something you are used to.. I have been working in single user for many years, on my app, it’s always single user…

I have just started now with multi user again in preparation for becoming a consultant again.. I am doing this myself in advance so as to know my stuff.. get used to what I’ll be doing for others.. small businesses, if I can actually get any clients.. we’ll see. I am in trepidation over it at this point.. but I’m pushing forward. 

It’s really a thrill to be using multi user postgres.. to have gotten through the setup of it, over the hurdles, and have it operating.. it’s a thrill to have the logon’s working correctly.. to the SESSION come up in the SQL Browser in Omnis.. on each machine separately.. it’s a thrill. 

Then to have SQL working.. on your data.. both postgres and SQL are so powerful.. postgres is so powerful, so professional.. I feel with it "ready to handle anything".. 

Thank you all for helping me through the hurdles. 

I couldn’t "get there" without you. 


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