Query Classes in General

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 16:09:47 UTC 2022

So the Extra Query Text at the bottom of the Query window allows you to enter your WHERE clause there, and therein you can thus put your joins ie  WHERE PrimaryKey=ForeignKey AND PK2=FK2 etc.  You can also alter the FROM clause by in table class connected to Query 

Calculate $cinst.$fromclause as ’tableXYZ JOIN tableABC ON PK=FK

Then on the subject of updating and inserting with a Query Generated Row or list:

Doug said you have to remove the columns from the secondary tables, leaving only columns from your main table.

Is that correct?  You have to remove the extra columns?

And the main benefit of doing Query’s with a Table Class is that you can do methods straight off the list, ie:

Do myList.$methodIAmCalling()

Have I got the details now?


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