Postgres Users, Windows Server Users and groups

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Mon Aug 29 10:12:05 UTC 2022

 Hi Paul,
Thank you for the query.
How do I create the Omnis schema for the Postgres users?
Rgds,Martin O.
    On Monday, August 29, 2022 at 04:27:41 AM GMT+3, Paul Mulroney <pmulroney at> wrote:  
 Hi Martin,

You can get the list of Postgres users with a query:

SELECT usename AS role_name,
  WHEN usesuper AND usecreatedb THEN
    CAST('superuser, create database' AS pg_catalog.text)
  WHEN usesuper THEN
    CAST('superuser' AS pg_catalog.text)
  WHEN usecreatedb THEN
    CAST('create database' AS pg_catalog.text)
    CAST('' AS pg_catalog.text)
 END role_attributes
FROM pg_catalog.pg_user
ORDER BY role_name desc;

This is assuming you have already logged into Postgres.


> On 29 Aug 2022, at 6:34 am, Martin Obongita via omnisdev-en <omnisdev-en at> wrote:
> Hi ALL,
> How do I get a list of all users created in my Postgres database on to Omnis?How do I get a list of all active directory users and groups created in a windows server?Is there a function to get this info?
> I wonder if its also possible to get the passwords as well.
> In other words, is there a way to setup my application to use the two securities already setup to logon to my application?I wish to have the option for end-users to chose to logon to my application with either setup.
> Kind regards,Martin O. 
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