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Chris Hughes ataddata at
Sun Aug 14 05:05:20 UTC 2022

Postgres Pgagent 

Not working has anybody go any ideas of why not.

Does PGAdmin4 work ?, managed years ago to get PGAdmin3 working.

Pgagent is Installed on Windows 10.

PgAdmin Installed.

CREATE EXTENSION pgagent; Into Postgres maintenance DB


Bat file created and runs manually
Path name have used double " marks as spaces this sometimes cause problems "
Activate RUN now
no go.
Checked Postgres running in "Systems"
Check PgAgent is not running,  the system" states the following when trying
to start manually 
" Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services
or programs"
Created Schedules did not put "End Date" in, as some tips from net say not
Created Steps.
Checked out the pgpass.conf file in %appdata% reads as follows "
*:5432:postgres: 06021953aq "
Have got to do anything here:_

pgAgent can install itself as a service on Windows systems. The command line
options available are similar to those on Unix systems, but include an
additional parameter to tell the service what to do:

  pgAgent REMOVE <serviceName>
  pgAgent INSTALL <serviceName> [options] <connect-string>
  pgAgent DEBUG [options] <connect-string>
    -u <user or DOMAIN\user>
    -p <password>
    -d <displayname>
    -t <poll time interval in seconds (default 10)>
    -r <retry period after connection abort in seconds (>=10, default 30)>
    -l <logging verbosity (ERROR=0, WARNING=1, DEBUG=2, default 0)>

The service may be quite simply installed from the command line as follows
(adjust the path as required):

Is there something I am missing.


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