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Hello Rob,

The simple is a Remote Desktop Server.  The hardware isn’t too bad, but the licences will make you weep a bit.It is good when you have 15+ users, but for just 2-3, it is expensive.

Oh,  you get a Windows desktop of course, no OSX here sunshine.

M1 MacMini is cheaper if you top out at 3-4 users, and they are fast, if you demand OSX desktop.

Both solutions available via VPN.

Good luck.

Mike Matthews

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On 13 Aug 2022, at 12:35, Rob Mostyn <mostyn at<mailto:mostyn at>> wrote:

Hi All,

I’m sure there are others who have tackled this before.

Graham and I have been working remotely now for about 2 years and everything has been working so far but I suspect not optimally.  Further to this, I am considering taking on another developer.

office network available from a fixed IP
VPN access to network
a machine, that used to be Graham’s workstation (iMac 27”), available to connect to
this machine is also the office file server and SVN server

Graham has commented that most of his work is done from his old workstation in the office, connected from his personal computer at home (instead of developing on his computer at home).

The iMac supports only one connected person at a time and I would like to extend this infrastructure to accommodate myself and any other developers who join the team.  Each dev would have their own local database for development.

How can I extend this to multiple developers, preferably from a single machine in the office?

Rob Mostyn

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