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Martin Obongita martin.obongita at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 8 22:45:19 UTC 2022

 Hi JIM,
I have the line below at STARTUP:
Open data file {odb://,PAYROLL}

The IF statement after this line returns a false flag.Have you tried this IF In your app right after the odb command?What flag do you get?
I am running Omnis 73 v8.7ODB version 1.78 (service is running...)Win 10, 64
Martin O.

    On Tuesday, August 9, 2022 at 01:33:12 AM GMT+3, Jim Edison <jime at ediconcepts.net> wrote:  
 Hi Martin,

There is an excellent pdf with the ODB.pdf that has much more of this info.
Here are a couple of quick thoughts.

You don't need to include the IP or server name in the config file, that is
needed in the connection string.  If the location of the DF1 on the server
is in C:\Apps\OmnisDF\MyDataFile.df1 that is what is in the config file even
if my WS sees the location as r:\OmnisDF\MyDataFile.df1.

Now assuming the ODB is running (recommend installing as a service) based on
the server IP address and assuming the port as specified in config.xml being
5913, your connection string would be;  (odb://IP-address:port:name,internal
name')  IP-Address is the machine on which the odbridge.exe is running.
Server ip so connection string would be
odb://,MyDataFile using the Open Data File
Server ip so connection string would be
odb://,MyDataFile (only appropriate when all are
connecting to a remote server so they are all basically on the same

You can also test using the SQL browser but you drop the "Name" and just use
'IP-address:port,internal-name' or in the case above

Hope that helps, have fun.

Best Regards,
Jim Edison CPCU

EDI Concepts Inc. - InStar Support and Programming 

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I have installed the Omnis Data Bridge in the server.
How do I setup the path to Omnis database in the config xml file for a
remote server to enable concurrent access from client?
The datafile is created in the server in a folder
I'm looking at IP, drive and a folder. eg:

or should it be  <string></string>

or should it be <string></string>

My problem is where/how to insert the colon in the string.

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