Could not open Web Service Server log file

Rudolf Bargholz rudolf at
Thu Aug 4 14:55:03 UTC 2022


An Omnis Studio scheduled task we have is sometimes returning the following error message:

Could not open Web Service Server log file. The following error occurred. The file is in use elsewhere and cannot be shared.

This error does not happen often, but when it does, it locks up the scheduled task, until a user clicks the OK button, and then processing continues. As this task is a background job, this is less than ideal, as no one can see the button, and the process then just hangs, awaiting for input. We have many tasks that can run as background tasks in parallel, and each opens Omnis, runs a process, and then closes Omnis again.

$prefs.$webservicelogging = kWSLOff

- Does anyone know how I can avoid this type of error?
- What Omnis command could initiate the opening of this "Web Service Server log file"?
- Perhaps it is the wss.lbs that is opening this file and reports this error. This file is in the fistruninstall/startup folder of the runtime.

I wish I could reproduce this issue regularly, but it happens so seldom, that it is difficult finding a resolution to this issue.

Omnis on Windows 2019 Server

Any help appreciated.


Rudolf Bargholz

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