Forms: How to get a file path?

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Hi Das,

Glad you understand it now and can see that transferring from the Client to the app server and then on to the FTP server can be achieved by and FTP client on the Client machine...

To be honest, with the FTP Worker, I don't think you can use memory variables, so you would have to save it to a temporary location first and provide the path, and then depending on your needs maybe delete the temp file.

WRT the Form File picker, I have not used it, I have used the JSClient Drag and Drop, and you can control what files you can/cant drop. 
WRT rtfd files, I don't use a Mac, so cannot be certain, but that sounds reasonable that you cannot transfer them.

Kind regards

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One adjunct to this that I came across: Related to me, but unrelated actually, is this:

When I use the Forms File Control, when I go to Upload, it presents the Mac file picker. Files that have the .rtfd extension are grayed out. You cannot select them. But for example files with .csv are available for selection.

Is this because it KNOWS rtfd files.. and further, grays them out because they use the Resource Fork inside themselves, not just the Data Fork?

Have I got that right?  

The dialog grays out files it cannot fully handle properly.. is that right?

Further: When you use HTTP to transfer a file, you HAVE TO PICK a file from a website tree structure, is that correct?

HTTP only works on websites I’m thinking.. I haven’t played with it yet, but I’m thinking HTTP is all about websites only.
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