Forms: How to get a file path?

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Hi Das,

The "Omnis FTP worker" allows transfer files to/from the "Omnis App Server" to a "Remote FTP Server", not to/from the "Omnis JS Client machine" (which maybe a PC, Mac, Phone, or Tablet).

The "Omnis FileOps" allows transfer of files/file listings from the "Omnis App Server's Drives" to the " Omnis App memory varibles"

So, combing the above, your application can read a file from the "Omnis App Server's Drives" and transfer it to a "Remote FTP Server".

Now, if you want to transfer a file from an "Omnis JS Client machine", you have to add an extra step first, to upload the file from the "Omnis JS Client machine" to the "Omnis App Server's Drives" (or you could just store it in memory temporarily depending on size), then use the "Omnis FTP worker" to transfer the same file to a "Remote FTP Server".

Yes, some Omnis samples and based around Desktop functionality, and some are based on JSClient functionality.
It's about combining the functions together in order to get the required result.

Kind regards
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Omnis makes some of it’s sample libraries in Windows, not forms. This is true of IMAP, HTTP, FTP

But I made an IMAP Client out of forms. 

I imagined that you could do HTTP and FTP from forms, but maybe I’m wrong.

If you cannot select files off client machine and upload them, or off the app server and upload those, you’re screwed.

I was today going to roll my own file picker with FileOps, maybe it’s a waste of time that I will rudely find out about when nothing works after I’m done picking my files to upload via FTP. 

Tell me how one finds out in forms, where his files are, and how he transfers them to another machine?
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