Client Command "readfile"

Das Goravani goravanis at
Sat Apr 23 19:50:36 UTC 2022

I have a client command that I’m sending. It’s the "readfile" type. It is supposed to run $filereadcomplete after it reads in the file.
I have a "Sound bell" in that $filereadcomplete method, and I’m not hearing any bells.

I am issuing the client command from an $event of a list on the form.

This is my client command:

Calculate lrow as row(iIdent,'iBinData',kTrue)
Do $cinst.$clientcommand("readfile",lrow) Returns #F

iIdent is the ident that the drop gives.
iBinData is the name of the field I want it read into.
kTrue just says I want base64

$filereadcomplete is a built in method that I overrode to make it a client executed method I could put code in. 

There I have sound bell and a little bit of code

The net result is not happening. The base64 is not appearing. I know I can’t trust the bell on client executed methods with Safari. So I’m not trusting it. 

The other way I check is did the base64 make it into my list and no it is not. 

So something isn’t working. 

Any ideas?

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