Forms: How to select a file?

Philip Tulett philip.tulett at
Sat Apr 23 17:22:18 UTC 2022

Hi Das,Are you talking about a remote form here?If so, the only way a Web app had access to the local machines files is via drag and drop (as you have already discovered). Think about where the email is going to be sent from, it from the Web app server, so files on the local machine would have to be uploaded to it first, via drag and drop. Kind regards Phil Sent from my Galaxy
-------- Original message --------From: Das Goravani <goravanis at> Date: 23/04/2022  18:14  (GMT+00:00) To: OmnisDev List - English <omnisdev-en at> Subject: Forms: How to select a file? I am making an email client app. Part of it is "attachments" to the email.I have a list of attachments.How to allow the user to select files to include?You cannot use "Prompt for import file" because that is not forms compatible.. I find you cannot use drag and drop because it doesn’t pass you the path of the dropped file.Unless I don’t get how to do drag and drop on forms. I’m using pDragValue after they drop, on an On EvDrop.I can’t figure out, how with forms, you can allow the user to select a file off their drive.There must be a way.Does anyone know it?ThanksDas_____________________________________________________________Manage your list subscriptions at https://lists.omnis-dev.comStart a new message -> mailto:omnisdev-en at 

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