list row properties

Martin Obongita martin.obongita at
Fri Apr 22 13:55:27 UTC 2022

Hi, $Listers,
I am trying to work with a row to edit data.I select a line in a list and then I assign that selected line to a row.I then check if the row has values in it. I confirm that a line has been selected, using:

If iSelectedDataRow.$linecount

For some reason, the above IF statement returns a kTrue flag even when the list row is empty.How do I check if a ROW is not empty or #null?

I know how to get values from a list, using:
But, how do I load data from a list ROW variable?The reason I am asking, I am passing a parameter:

Do iDataListObj.$loadDataRowChildDataList(iDataList,iSelectedDataRow.[iTableClassPrefix]id,iChildTableClassRef) Returns iDataRowChildDataList

But the called method is receiving a #null value for the row named 'id'
As always, all your KIND helps are appreciated.
Martin Obongita.

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