$loadcols $colcount

Martin Obongita martin.obongita at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 20 19:55:04 UTC 2022

 Hi Kelly,
I am trying to move the column named 'id' from the first line in a list to the last using:Do lColsList.$sendall($ref.$line.$assign(lColsList.$linecount),($sendallref.lColsName='id'))This code does not react when executed.What have I missed out?
Rgds, Martin.

    On Wednesday, April 20, 2022, 12:56:14 AM GMT+3, Kelly Burgess <kellyb at montana.com> wrote:  
 Hi Martin,

>the grid only displays columns defined as kCharacter

You're into JS forms now, out of my area - I don't have experience with datagrids on remote forms, so someone else will have to comment.

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