$loadcols $colcount

Martin Obongita martin.obongita at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 17 19:28:55 UTC 2022

Hi all,
I have the line of codes shown below to populate values from a list into local variables using the command $loadcols
For lLineNum from 1 to  lTableClassColsList.$linecount        
    Do lTableClassColsList.[lLineNum].$loadcols(lCol01,lCol02,lCol03,lCol04,lCol05,lCol06,lCol07)            
End For        

How do I assign the columns depending on the number of columns in the list using lTableClassColsList.$colcount?        If $colcount =1 then Do lTableClassColsList.[lLineNum].$loadcols(lCol01)        If $colcount =5 then Do lTableClassColsList.[lLineNum].$loadcols(lCol01,lCol02,lCol03,lCol04,lCol05)        
If $colcount =3 then Do lTableClassColsList.[lLineNum].$loadcols(lCol01,lCol02,lCol03)        
If $colcount =10 then Do lTableClassColsList.[lLineNum].$loadcols(lCol01,lCol02,lCol03,lCol04,lCol05,lCol06,lCol07,lCol08,lCol09,lCol10)
This is manual coding. Is there a $sendall type of command to load columns in a smart and clean way?

As always, I appreciate your KIND helps.Rgds, Martin.

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