Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 18:04:57 UTC 2022


Thanks for that answer, and Alan too.

There’s nothing in the in-program help and nothing in the manual, regarding this.

I’m curious Doug, did you take that straight for StudioTips or did you type it from memory or do you have a very organized cheat sheet system you maintain?

Really, I’m dying to know.

Because you not only answered it, but you fixed up questions I had after researching this in the archives and in the docs. Like I saw someone use 0 as the line number, and I wondered what that did.. and I saw [list.$line] as preceding $selectted in some code and realized that is one way but I BET that it wasn’t THEE way to do it. It’s too much of a needed thing while developing that Omnis would let it go to that lengthy solution. 

If only they showed $selected as an option for a list.. but they do not show it in the list of options for $ after a list name. 

I WONDERED if it was straight up typeable after a list name, because, lists default to rows sensitivity. That is, what you type straight after a list or row name is the ROW AFFECTING commands. It ASSUMES the row. For columns you have to type something to switch to columns. It assumes row. As such, $selected should follow straight after a list name because it is asking about the current line which for row is always 1

So when you gave it as possible to type straight after the list name I felt vindicated. 

Thank you very much for staying as an active answer giver on this list. I see from the archives that you have been doing it the whole way through, through all the years and all the Omnis’s. You are an invaluable resource for many who come here for help. I super admire this about you. I would be the same way, answering everybody, if I KNEW the answers to their questions. When I do know or think I know the answer I always answer in full. Personally, I’m lonely, but I get connection through email. I like typing answers. 

Thanks so much,


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