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Thu Apr 14 02:39:40 UTC 2022

Ok, indeed I only ended up needing the newer libpq.dll that I found in a recent install of pgAdmin, replacing the same file in my OS8.1.7 folder. The other two updated  dll's (libEGL.dll and libGLESv2.dll) I also found in the newer pgAdmin, but I did not need them as you say, Doug, (it worked fine using them, both connecting to the newer PG14 install as well as the older PG12 install, but I could also login to both using the older/preexisting libEGL.dll and libGLESv2.dll files). I did not end up testing editing the pg_hba.conf file to replace scram-sha-256 with md5 (well actually I did and could not get it to work but I think it was because of another configuration problem which I didn't discover until later so since it's working fine with scram-sha-256 I'm just leaving it that way).

Yes, I would quite appreciate your libraries that use scram and TLS.
Thanks for the help all!

Gary Giumarra

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    On Wednesday, April 13, 2022, 06:01:33 PM PDT, Doug Easterbrook via omnisdev-en <omnisdev-en at> wrote:  
 hi Gary:

agreed with Phil

the pg_hba defaults to scram checksum as stronger than md5

however, if you edit the pg_hba.conf and change ’scram’ back to md5, then the old libpq.dll’s will work just fine.

if you want to use scram with pg4, you’ll need to get the latest libpq.dll from the postgres or pgadmin directory.  you may need a fe DLLs’ if you want to use TLS to connect, but if you just want the passwords to use scram authentication, you should just need the latest libpq.dll.

I’ll send you our libraries that give us scram and TLS if we want it.

Doug Easterbrook
Arts Management Systems Ltd.
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> On April 13, 2022, at 2:45 PM, Phil (OmnisList) <phil at> wrote:
> Gary,
> PG14 uses scram-sha-256 encryption for logging on... as set in the hba file.
> As a result, I believe, you need to copy over the latest libpq.dll into the studio folder.
> along with the open SSL libs, libEGL, libGLES...
> This lib handles the connection for you, Omnis login remains as it was.
> running off memory, so rough details, but you get the gist.
> regards
> Phil Potter
> Based in Chester in the UK.
> On 13/04/2022 22:17, Gary Giumarra via omnisdev-en wrote:
>> I have a Studio 8.5 app running on Windows that has been running with a Postgresql 12 back end for a few years, but now we want to upgrade to PG14. Unfortunately, I have been unable to connect to the new PG14 server even though I can ping it and connect to it with pgAdmin from the same client machine. I am getting the $nativeerrortext  message "authentication method 10 not supported".
>> Any help appreciated.
>> Gary Giumarra
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